Mutual Shock

July 29, 2018


End of the day, safe in my nest—

Turn off the lights, ease toward my rest—

Turn on the lamp—and what can be said?

Small green lizard, asleep on my bed.

Asleep on my bed. Now there’s a surprise.

He made a wrong turn is what I surmise.

Now darkness has fallen, so why not compose

His emerald self for a night of repose?

Drifting and dreaming, his daily work done—

His eyes spring open, for lo—it’s the sun!

Great day in the morning! The morning looks dim:

A dreadful Giant is reaching for him.

‘You’ll not take me,’ he vows.  I say, ‘Do not fear.

I’ve got you, my friend, just behind your two ears.

And fight me you may, and threaten to bite—

Oh jaws of doom, I swoon at the sight!

Two inches of lizard? I think I can handle

Two inches of life, aflame like a candle.

So squirm and struggle with all your soul

Till out in the night I let you go.’



–Images by Kate Hambright, July 28, 2018