Late Summer: A Lady Finds Her Way

September 8, 2018


Grandmother Honey

Still supple of wrist

All details—Divine

And not to be missed

Pleat of begonia leaf


Vigor of vine


Pleasure in these

A morning all mine

And so I bestir

To write this day

Of caroling wren


And scolding jay


Of thyme inviting

And boxwood so green

Of lilies rejoicing

New bud on the Queen


Then off to the Neches

Our sparkling treasure

Oars in the water

Taking its measure

Kayaks, canoes

And tents on the lawn

Details divine

To such we are drawn

Some ‘drawn’ more than others—

The heat overcame me

I went home early

And who can blame me?

I’d rather be cool

An indoor sketcher

Than make my mark

Laid out on a stretcher!

We find our own way

With wisdom pursue it

Part of the wisdom?

Don’t overdo it.

Photo on 9-8-18 at 2.08 PM.jpg