More Precious Than Gold

September 15, 2018

More precious than gold.  One image that comes to mind is a field of grain, grain ready to be harvested and baked into loaves.  Outpouring of God’s care for God’s creation.  Blessed art Thou, Lord our God, who brings forth bread from the earth.


-image from Wild Culture Sourdough Starters-

One of my beloved memories is walking through a field of grain with two of my closest friends.  We broke off heads, we tasted the wheat.  That long-ago day—sheer joy—more precious than gold.


-image from Neurorobotics Magazine-


The young man to his lover:

‘Thy belly is like a heap of wheat set about with lilies.’

-Song of Solomon 7:2-


It’s nice to be appreciated. But—what?  Speaking of thy belly: a week ago I ignored good sense and lifted something heavy and wrenched my back.  This led to a week of inactivity, which led to comfort food, which led to extra padding around my middle and other places prone to accumulation.  A heap of wheat indeed!


-image from wikiHow-



But I would feed you with the finest wheat.

I would satisfy you

with wild honey from the rock.

-Psalm 81:16-



-just keep me away from these-


Thank you, Eternal One! While You’re at it, keep me close to Wisdom.  Wisdom is more precious than gold, more precious than much fine gold.  Give me Wisdom, make my granary overflow with gratitude, and growth in grandmotherly grace.

-gift from sister Kate-



-golden afternoon on Evangeline, and yes I know there’s a magnolia growing out of that jar—many things are possible-


Author: Phoebe Dishman

Phoebe H. Dishman was born and raised in Beaumont, Texas. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother. An essayist and poet, she teaches adult Sunday school, compiles a monthly prayer calendar, edits the Big Thicket Association quarterly bulletin, and keeps a keen eye and ear open for birds.

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