Amelia Rising

September 18, 2018


Being (finally) of sound back I made a bee-line to resume my customary Tuesday mornings with Amelia. The rumors are true.  She’s pulling up.  Never have I seen such industry, such resourcefulness as to means of pulling up, such serene acceptance of setbacks. Over and over she rises, wobbles, sits down hard.  Sometimes she falls over backwards.  Now, you may think I’m doing some grandmotherly inflating, but her other grandmother saw it with me: she sat hard, fell over backwards and where an ordinary infant would have thumped its skull on the rug and howled, she caught herself on one elbow and turned neatly to the side.  I’m sure it doesn’t always go so well.  But Grammy and Honey agreed we’ve never seen such an eight-month-old, not even our own babies of  yore!