How Christmas Works

December 17, 2018

Add a tiny tree to a corner of our kitchen,  and I see a little better the nested nature of Creation.


Pair Lady Wisdom with my mother of blessed memory, and I see a little better how love flows.


Catch a fake tree in the sunshine, and I myself am caught by a quiet leap of joy.  L’chaim!


Bring my homemade manger scene to church to decorate a fellowship supper, and a friend notes that one of the camels is clearly a girl camel, because she has pearl earrings. I created these camels twenty-plus years ago and never realized I made them male and female. Now I see, and behold, it is good!


A Thanksgiving picture finally catches up with me and I see what I’ve been suspecting:  My granddaughter is lit up with life, and wants very much to speak, and is determined to find out how mouths make words!

46517397_10156262826228525_4770029441017446400_n (1).jpg