‘Twas the Day After Christmas

I meant to take it easy on this second day of Christmas, but was seized at first light by thoughts of Epiphany.  Epiphany: a flash of understanding in a prepared mind.



So having time and just enough energy to answer the call, I spent a happy couple of hours working up a display to illustrate our church’s next season. This ‘working up’ involves a lot of rapid moving about my house, generating text, gathering  objects, making connections, letting the Spirit of Seasons tell me what most wants to be said.  The display will need to be installed at church next week!!!  So here’s my staging area, compressed and ready to pack:IMG_1357.jpg

After all this unplanned for excitement the brick wall was inevitable. But I rose from my winter’s nap ready for the next phase, which was to go through memories of yesterday and ponder the personalities of two angels at our Christmas table.  Well, one was not exactly at the table – he was being carried about by different ones of us, mostly his mother.  As you’ll see he has a merry gleam in his eye which contrasts intriguingly with the high decibel expressions of outrage he emits. Mostly he’s hungry. And trying to get used to life on planet Earth.  Maybe he wishes he had more hair?


His sister at almost two is a woman of positive outlook and deep thoughts.