Another Gym Report

January 9:  Today the singers on the soundtrack mostly behaved themselves.  Something about Havana, something about I like it when you call me senorita, something about thunder and lightning, something about work hard play hard, and my favorite:  Seems this guy wasn’t feeling that great but then he went to the club with his girl.  When they took to the dance floor,  everyone there just froze in amazement at how fine they looked.  He couldn’t say it enough times:  All eyes were on them.  And now the guy feels a little better.

I’m really glad for him.  As he ages, he may find that he prefers less attention.  And, he will get it.  Just saying.

Thus passed the weight machine part of my workout.

Then, into the shadowy sanctuary of the aerobic room.  Put up the yoga in session sign, close the glass door, the soundtrack turns to a dull thump of background noise, and peace descends.  Even more peace than usual, for I’ve inadvertently managed to change the setting of our yoga DVD from “full instruction” to “minimal instruction,” and I can’t figure out how to change it back.  Now, our virtual Rodney Yee is disconcertingly terse.  Just calls out the poses.  No finer points, no letting us know how well we’re doing.  Good thing my yoga partner and I have many years of this DVD under our belts.  If we don’t know what to do by now, well…

And so we work at strong and nimble. No one is frozen in amazement.  But we do feel a little better!

Author: Phoebe Dishman

Phoebe H. Dishman was born and raised in Beaumont, Texas. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother. An essayist and poet, she teaches adult Sunday school, compiles a monthly prayer calendar, edits the Big Thicket Association quarterly bulletin, and keeps a keen eye and ear open for birds.

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