For Holy Week, a New Poem

Isolation Oscillation – Bearing the Darkness

by me


My breath in my facemask fogs up my glasses

I’m just one of the many, one of the masses

Separated, six feet apart

Yet all in one boat and part of one Heart


I’ve long suspected we need each other

We children of God and Earth, our mother

Now all the more I’m less distracted

From facing the fact that we’re all impacted


Less distracted, but more confused

About how to live with so much to lose

How to cherish each shining hour

When something so lethal holds such power


Breathing in, my glasses clear

Breathing out, more fog, oh dear

And so it is, this oscillation

Twixt confidence and consternation


A rise and fall, a variation

A surge of certain, then hesitation

A creative wave, then, why should I care?

A vexing vibration, twixt hope and despair


I live on a spectrum twixt yes and no

An alternation, an ebb and flow

And in my emotions I glide on an arc

From light and hope to fear and dark


And now Easter comes with resurrection

But joy must be mixed with sober reflection

Joy must be tempered and pain not shut out

As we raise our jubilant Easter shout


The robins rejoice but take nothing for granted

They search for their food with one eye slanted

They scurry along then freeze, stretching high

To scan the yard for reason to fly


Robins rise with cheerful song

They do their work the whole day long

They have a method that keeps them steady

A confident practice that keeps them ready


And so I manage my oscillation

With Methodist determination

To practice the gifts that I do best

To rise with resolve and then to rest


I doubt I’m protected from all alarms

But I know I’m sustained in loving Arms.



Okay, so that poem we’ll call my version of

faith, in the age of pandemic.