Keep Watch. Take Heart.

On my way to the kitchen through the dark house I caught a glimpse of brightness in the southern sky. Heading to the Keurig, anticipating coffee/planet research, I walked into the open door of the dishwasher. Undeterred, I started the coffee and looked up morning sky for May 23.  Then to the patio where I sat on the concrete with brick wall at my back and trained binoculars upward.  I framed Jupiter and Saturn between two power lines and listened for a while, not least to retrograde Phoebe of Saturn, who reflected on my shin:  “You know that June prayer calendar you’re working on? I believe it’s called “Keep Watch. Take Heart.”?


Scanning to the east, I found red Mars, shining through the branches of the Chinese elm.


When the sun’s up I’ll close the dishwasher and check on mama robin outside the kitchen window.