A Tale of Two Flowers

I trudged across the parking lot toward the one permitted door of the grocery store.  Anxious, heavy of heart, trying to keep my chin up. Despair, wrestling with gratitude for the task and the means.  Masked I was, with foggy lenses, and little looking for grace.  But grace was looking for me. On the sidewalk outside the store, rows of black plastic pots containing little wooden trellises, on which grew mandevilla vines. All looked healthy, and half-price didn’t hurt! So I put one in my cart.  Planted the vine in our flower bed, in a sunny spot, was quickly rewarded with vigorous growth, then the unfolding of snow white flowers.


During my inspection some days later I noticed a bud with a rosy cast to it. As it happens, ten dollars had bought me not one vine but two!


The white-bearing vine is more prolific.  But oh the heart-lift of pink, with contrasting margin!