Blue True Dream of a Sky

Around ten this morning I grew tired of refrigerated air and artificial light (tired is not the same as ungrateful!) So I found a corner of the patio still in shade. Here I finished the newspaper, amused by the light breeze wrestling with me for control of the editorial page.  While at this task I heard a high thin whistle.  Not the questioning pe-teew of broad winged hawk, but the descending declarative of Mississippi kite.  Eyes  up and there he was, a male, quick sailing on the effortless up current  of a blue true dream.   Pale head flashing white as he turned, shading into dark. Buoyant, elegant, sleek. And oh what the sight of him did for my heart!

Later, purr of an engine announced a small airplane crossing the blue true dream.  Sunshine yellow. It looked so jaunty and carefree.  Again, good medicine.

Last sighting before I went back inside was a Giant Swallowtail butterfly, winging west.

Here’s one I met on this very patio, many years ago, when I was having a very bad day.  And oh what the sight of him did for my heart!

giant swallowtail.jpg

giant swallowtail cropped