Drama on Evangeline

“As with ripest repast my being is sated, and with lips of glad song my mouth declares praise.” Psalm 63:5

As April 4th dawns, a voice gradually works its way into my sleepy brain: Catbird!   There he is on the power line above the crape myrtle, burbling away, improv punctuated by the occasional “meow.” I hate to tell him but the kitten next door he may remember from last fall is now a cat, and she visits our yard just about every day, and she spends a lot of time looking up into trees. Yesterday I caught her climbing the crape myrtle and with sinking heart I ran out and ordered her to come down. Amazed at my request, she climbed higher. Well, it’s a universe of hazard, heartbreak, and change. But we hear the good news of spring and we “hallelujah anyway.” Stay alert, little catbird, and keep singing.